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3D Screen Creator 0.3

3D Screen Creator is for 3D screensavers and 3D animation creation
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It is very easy to create your own 3D screensaver using this unique software. Besides, with the help of this Screen Creator tools you can real-time animations, as well. The creative process of making screensavers is not only easy, but also entertaining. All process will take just few minutes. The program includes a collection of sample projects and media to use in your screen savers. Just import any 3D objects, add skins, background, text, effects, make lightning, and set the position of the camera. There is Font creation tool that will help you to create fonts and then use it in your projects. After that 3D Screen Creator will compile ready to install and start screensaver. Also there is the possibility to create different transitions effects with 2D screensavers. Using visual interface you can import 3D objects and create 2D slideshows with effects. You can pick your own objects or embedded objects, such as cubes, torus objects, sphere objects, or cylinder objects and so on to create animations and screensavers. When the work is done, you can save it as standalone file or as a screensaver.

Julia Galygo
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  • Quick and easy
  • Visual interface
  • Embedded ready objects
  • Small size
  • Free


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